How to Build a Collapsible Portable Table

MMM 40 – Sometimes we all just need some extra table space to set things on, and sometimes we just need that space to be portable. Good thing there hardware stores carry bucket-loads of hinges, and the internet is full of great ideas. This table is collapsible, lightweight, and portable. In fact, I ended up building this table, using it at the build site for the set build a few weeks ago, and then I brought it home to finish up. It was perfect for our needs, and it ended up being the table where all of our tools lived for the week while we worked.

This table is a Pinterest-inspired scrap wood project I used up some 3/4″ OSB and some 1/8″ oak plywood to make the table top, and the legs are scrap from an old shelf that the previous owner of my home had left behind. It turns out that after planing off the paint on the scraps, the legs ended up being made of pine and oak.

Here is the pin that inspired this project:

Tools I may use in this video:
RZ Mask:
Safety Glasses:
Table Saw:
Table Saw Blades:
Drill & Driver:
Drill Bits:
Spindle Sander:
Miter Saw:
Drill Press:
Wood Glue:
Super Glue:
Quick Clamps:


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